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Do whitening products work?


I feel like in order to explain this topic that a little science explanation in required.

Most whitening products contain Hydrogen Peroxide of different formulations ranging from 5-35% concentration. The main difference between whitening products is the strength of the peroxides. Whitening strips are common and come in concentrations around 10% (so pretty weak for the most part). Over the counter gels can also come in concentrations of 5-10%. Professional whitening trays that you use at home come in concentrations of 15-35%. Professional in-office whitening is the strongest type of whitening and usually comes in strengths greater than 30%.

But what about laser teeth whitening?


Research out there regarding its efficacy is that the lasers and lights do not work as well as they claim. Often those who sell this product provide at home bleaching with Carbamide Peroxide in order to get the desired results .The best results are achieved by custom trays made by  your dentist. This would achieve maximum results for your teeth with the least amount of sensitivity. 


Our office uses  the Pola advanced whitening system


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