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Smiling is a basic part of being human. You can smile without even realizing it, so you need to be able to smile confidently. But if you’re embarrassed about how your teeth look, you are either going to try to hide your mouth or try to stop smiling altogether. That’s not just impossible, it’s sad. No one should be embarrassed to smile, and trying to hide your smile will only look worse. Here at Phi Dental Care, Dr. Lawrence Chong and his highly trained team have the treatments you need to get you back to showing your smile proudly.

Full mouth Rehabilitation usually involves rebuilding a patient’s bite (occlusion), while returning function and aesthetics. By changing the length of teeth, altering the biting surfaces and changing the chewing envelope balance is re-established to prevent breakdown of the patient’s occlusion. When our bite is in balance, wear and tear on our teeth is minimized.


Our mouths are designed for speech, eating and breathing. Humans are amazingly adaptive. Our mouths are no different. If our teeth get in the way of our basic function they can pay the price through excessive wear, fracturing, movement and loss. Over many years as our bite gets further out of balance these processes can be exaggerated leading to changes in muscle function and the aesthetics of our face and smile.

Restorative techniques can be used to return a patient’s teeth to proper function and aesthetics as long as the structural foundation of the gums and bone are present. In cases where teeth must be removed dental implants can be used to replace them in combination with natural teeth.

Extensive rehabilitation requires advanced training. Multidisciplinary knowledge of smile design, dental materials, and functional considerations are all required to successfully rebuild a patient’s bite.


There are numerous options available at Phi Dental Care for this type of treatment. Often it can be done in phases to reduce the length of appointments and upfront treatment costs.

Patients that are considering this treatment require thorough diagnostic information to make decisions in consult with Dr. Lawrence Chong. This information is gathered at the new patient exam where gum, tooth, functional and aesthetic risk factors are assessed.


Our Team at Phi Dental Care is trained to gather this information and would be happy to discuss all the solutions that are available when it comes to restoring or repairing your mouth. You may be surprised how easy it is to regain your smile and restore its original brilliance. 

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